The purpose of the course is to cure old pain, change limiting beliefs and expand our access to our own strength and joy so that we can live the life we ​​want to live.

Expand your freedom, strength and joy. Find and fulfill unmet needs of your inner child.

This workshop provides an opportunity to meet our inner child with our adult selves so that we can embrace it and integrate it into our lives as grown-ups, strong people. We will use techniques based on Nonviolent Communication and Family Therapy.

The course is designed for participants who have already participated in introductory courses for NVC and who have training in connecting their own feelings with their own needs.

The starting point

We assume that many of us did not get the understanding, care and respect we needed as a child. Even without experiencing extreme physical or mental violence in the past, we often carry childhood wounds that cast long shadows into our adult lives.
These old wounds tend to emerge in tense situations in our close relationships, and lead to strong emotions that have very little to do with our current situation. As long as we do not deal with the real causes of our wounds, we are less likely to experience healing, and therefore less likely to be able to solve the problems we face here and now. Therefore, the focus will be on healing the wounded child, and supporting the adult in unfolding more freely and alive.


How will we work?

Nonviolent Communication is a powerful process that supports healing and forgiveness, and at the same time it is a wonderful path to our own resources. Connecting with our own needs again and again and feeling them in our body is crucial. From this source, clarity, joy and creativity can grow. From there, we can truly create the life we ​​want.

By identifying situations in our current lives where we do not live with joy and love as we wish, we can access any negative childhood experiences that still affect us today. We can seek here and now to meet the needs that were unfulfilled in the past. Little by little, new experiences in the present can replace the old ones. This makes it possible to soften and change our patterns, so that the strategies we have developed to survive can be replaced by life-enriching strategies.

We will use different processes to connect with our inner child and at the same time be able to function as adults and take care of the inner child. We will seek a balance between structured exercises and process-oriented work.

We will:

  • Switch between inputs, demonstrations, individual work, time for reflection, meditation, small group and the whole group
  • Find a balance between intensity and ease, tears and laughter, sadness and joy
  • Explore how empathy with our inner child “works”
  • Understand more about how the connection between body, emotions and thoughts serves as the foundation for sustainable change
  • Dancing with our inner jackals as a source of love and empowerment
  • Explore how setting boundaries can support connection and closeness
  • Give room for healing processes