The course works with a deeper understanding of IVK and how you can use IVK to deal with conflicts, both in working life and in private life.

This course is for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the many areas where IVK is used to create change, release potential and provide new energy.

Course description

Using IVK in both inner and outer dialogues is a major shift in understanding how thoughts, feelings and needs interact. In this course we will, among other things, examine how our experiences in life so far affect us in our interactions with others. We want to get to know the internal autopilot, so we have the opportunity to stop and use consciousness when a conflict is escalating or we are on our way to abandoning our own needs.

Throughout the week we will work on the internal dialogue. Get to know the inner voices by finding out the values ​​and unmet needs behind them.

In particular, we will focus on:

  • Empathy: Learn to use empathy and gain tools to deal with conflicts in private and professional contexts
  • Lessons learned: Use past experience as a tool to get to know yourself better in conflict situations. See your “mistakes” as positive experiences you can learn from
  • Limiting beliefs: Learn to work with your inner conflicts, so thoughts like “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll never do it” can be used as tools rather than as limitations
  • Anger: use your anger constructively and see the anger as valuable information about your needs and values.


We have organized the course on the basis that the participants have at least 4 days prior training in IVK.

The days are expected to follow the program below

The details are determined together with the participants.

Day 1.

Welcome and presentation.
Prerequisites of empathy. About training the ability to listen with empathy.
Exercises in giving self-empathy and choosing whether empathy or self-empathy is needed.

Day 2.

Anger in IVK. Seeing anger as valuable information.
Exercises in Transforming Anger.

Day 3.
Empathy in high-tension conflicts and in professional contexts.
Transforming limiting beliefs into self-empowerment.

Day 4.
To transform annoyances and inner conflicts into valuable experiences and make life more enjoyable.
Find a balance between honesty and empathy.

Day 5.
Getting to know your own needs better and getting a flexible vocabulary for needs.
Practice separating needs from the ways in which we prefer to meet needs.
Finding the nourishment to continue the IVK process.
Evaluation and completion.

There will be alternations between presentations and group work.

Personal experiences and cases can be included in the teaching.