Giraffe language and conflict management in practice

The aim of the course is to contribute to the participants’ knowledge of how they can change locked conflicts by changing the language. Both theory and training are provided in communicating in ways that relax conflict and enrich life for one’s self and for others.

Learn to find greater freedom and joy in interaction with others Learn to find new choices in situations of stress, anger and depression
Learn to communicate with compassion by using your emotion ability
Learn to make life more enjoyable for yourself and others

Conflicts are a part of life

Both our success and our well-being depend on how good we are at communicating and managing conflicts in our daily lives.
We need to be able to talk together in order to work together, and see conflict as an invitation to find new creative solutions. With Nonviolent Communication (NVC) we seek to establish a contact based on honesty and emotion.

We express our own needs and values ​​while being interested in the needs and values ​​of others.

Positive conflict engagement

In a conflict situation, it is important to make connection first. Once there is connection between the parties, a solution often arises that contains the interests of both parties and which neither party had thought of before.

Language with feeling

We will work to change the language that is grounded in a mindset to find out who is right, who is guilty and deserves punishment, and who is good and deserves reward. Instead, we will use a language that focuses on the feelings and needs of the parties in a conversation.

Varied teaching

There will be alternations between presentations and group work. Personal experiences and cases can be included in the learning.