“Our 5 concepts increases volume, saves time and energy, which will be boomeranged back to partnerships and nature.”

Lenette K. Sørensen
Laboratory Manager

Choose from our 5 concept. Or mix them up.

Selecting from our Concept means choosing from already tested and reliable formulas.
There is no product development, and your business can send your chosen product to the costumer very fast.

Everyday Life Savers are especially made to be the little life saver in your busy daily life.

These are the products you normally will find in a pharmacy.
Usually small volumes and sizes for easy storage on the go.

Happy Feet is a collection of products made especially to care for your feet.

These products are designed for both a problem solving purpose and a treatment for your tired feet after a long day on the go.

Mommy & Me is a collection of products for both the mother and the baby.

Products for mommy are for the time both before and after birth. Products for the baby are for daily care.
Most of the products have the Nordic Swan Label and Nordic Asthma & Allergy Label.

Let´s Play products are especially made for the active people who want to perform optimally.
They are designed for all branches of sport and all ages.

Ýou can find products for both pre-training and after-exercise

Forever Shiny is a collection of products made for your hair care and styling.

These products are a strong alternative to aerosols.
The entire hairstyling series can be Swan-labelled and Asthma and Allergy-labelled.