”We are a Danish Company based in Silkeborg Denmark. Both our laboratory, production and sales force are united at the same location. It gives us a high flexibility and speed to marked”.

Poul Mark

Pure Private Label, the simplicity of Concepts or NSSC

Whether you choose a fully personalized private label solution, or you want to select one of our pre-defined concepts,
we will take good care of you and guide you all the way to the product range, that fits your business the best.
Our PRIVATE LABEL solution gives you unlimited freedom to compose your product exactly how desire.
You will have influence on all product areas. Expect a delivery time of 12-18 months.
Our CONCEPTS simplifies product development, and is very easy to adapt to your business.
If Speed-to-Market is important, this is the solution for you. Delivery time of a few weeks.

How it works

We handle everything from very small turnouts of 300 kg to well over 50.000 kg. If you should need to carry out a small test production of your products before the final launching, we have the expertise to do that.
We carry packaging sizes from 5 ml upwards, including tubes, bottles, pots, sachets, etc.

The essense of Private Label. Your own unique selection.

Your idea. Your request. Your demands. Your Brand DNA. All the way.
Choose Private Label, if you desire to deside over all processes.
Delivery time: 12-18 months.

Concept Products. The Speed-to-market solution

Select from our 5 pre-defined concepts.
Choose Concept for thoroughly tested formulas and for short delivery times.
Delivery time: Few weeks (depending on total turnouts).

NSSC konceptet. Fast track

Ready-made everyday products.
Choose the NSSC Concept for immediately delivery of everyday products.
Delivery time: Immediately. Always in stock.