”I spend every hour during my day, to secure that our clients meets and comply all regulations”.

Carsten Stenholdt
Regulatory Affairs Specialist

We care about your care

High quality and required effect
At Nordic Sense we pride ourselves in having the required effect for the customer and the highest consideration for the
environment all the way from product development to the packaging process. Many customers choose products which have the Nordic Swan label and the Asthma-Allergy Denmark label. The Nordic Swan ensure the absolute lowest impact on the environment during production time, and the Asthma-Allergy label is the guarantee for you to dramatically reduce the risk of developing skin allergies.

Uniform quality all the way
Packaging from Nordic Sense contains no PVC or other polluting or forbidden substances. They can be recycled and follows
today’s trends concerning appearance, shape and function. As a customer at Nordic Sense, you are guaranteed products of excellent and uniform quality. Our products are manufactured under hightest standards, and they are subject to continuous and demanding quality control according to the demands of the Cosmetics regulations.
Nordic Sense is certified to ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22716:2007, ISO 9001:2015 and VERIFIED TO ISO 17025:2017.


UN Global Goals. We take action. Now

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development are one of our benchmarks goals. This is what we do.

UN Goal #12
We have optimized our production flow from PROJECT to CONCEPT sale = simplicity = optimized production = less consumption/energy waste.

UN Goal #13
13 % of our energy consumption is based on sun cell energy.
In 2023 70% of our packaging will be sustainable.